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self-publishing and platform-building

We talk a lot about self-publishing—here on the blog and with our clients.  Plus, Erin and I have at least two or three conversations a week about the trends in this constantly-changing world.    We know how big the topic is and how difficult it can be navigate.  In fact, the desire to help others understand what self-publishing is and how it can help you accomplish your writing goals is one of the main reasons we wrote Self-Publish.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve read some great articles about self-publishing and platform-building.  We thought they’d be useful to many of our readers.

Copyblogger has identified 7 Common Self-Publishing Fears and How to Beat Them.  It’s a scary thing to publish your own work—we know!  But this great post offers sound wisdom about managing the fears and pushing through to achieve your goals.

Building a platform is probably the scariest phrase associated with self-publishing!  Jane Friedman recently identified 5 Free Services to Help Build an Author Platform.  Definitely worth a read for the newbie and veteran writer alike.

And finally, should you write a book or not?  Big question.  Michael Hyatt offers 5 Reasons You Should Consider Writing a Book.  We loved this post and found it very helpful.

31 days of self-publishing www.erinulrich.com

And, of course, Erin has her 31 Days of Self-Publishing series happening this month at www.erinulrich.com.  You can find the index to those posts here on Design by Insight as well as on her blog.

 What questions do you have about self-publishing?