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10 blogging goals for 2013 and tips for achieving them

10 blogging goals - designbyinsight.net

Last week we talked about writing goals … this week is all about blogging.  Maybe one or two or a few of these are thoughts you have had about goals for 2013.  We believe in you!  Make your blog work for you.

ONE:  I will submit guest posts.

TWO:  I will monetize my blog.

THREE:  I will move to self-hosted WordPress.

FOUR:  I will work to improve the SEO on my blog.

FIVE:  I will work at planning posts and developing an editorial calendar.

SIX:  I will build my email list.

SEVEN:  I will take the plunge and leave Feedburner {or at least consider all my options!}.

EIGHT:  I will evaluate my plug-ins and delete the ones I do not use or need.

One important key is to remember to keep your plug-ins updated and go ahead and delete the ones you don’t use. 

 NINE:  I will back up my blog regularly.

Trust us … do this!

Yes, everyone needs to do this … monthly!

TEN: I will develop a clear focus for my blog … for my sake and the sake of my readers.

And a bonus post because it was so good …

4 Keys to Better Blogging by Jonathan Howe {Thanks to Mitzi Eaker of Mitzi Jane Media for sharing this link on Facebook!}

What are your blogging goals for 2013?

Don’t forget about our Writing Buddy Sale and Giveaway of Self-Publish!  We’d love to celebrate with you and your writing buddy as 2013 becomes the year you write your book!  {Check out last week’s post for 10 writing goals.}



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