3 simple ways to find writing inspiration

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January is almost over.  I’m not entirely sure how that is possible since it seems like we just finished wrapping all the Christmas presents.  But, I look at my calendar and realize one week from tomorrow we’ll be saying hello to February.

Maybe you had big plans for 2013.  Perhaps you set a few goals and even determined this is the year you’ll write your book.  And now, as January has rushed past you, you are beginning to feel a little discouraged and maybe even uninspired. I admit the grayness of our weather these past few weeks leaves me yawning and wishing for a nap most days.

But here’s the deal:  we all feel uninspired sometimes.  And it’s not just writers … musicians, painters, home decorators all face the same struggle.  Sometimes the creative juices don’t flow.

That’s when discipline kicks in. When we force ourselves to write 200 words today.  When we outline a chapter or develop a plot line.   We keep working because we realize that’s what creating is:  WORK.  Rewarding and beautiful, yes.  But also just plain hard work sometimes.

Here are three simple ideas for finding writing inspiration when you’ve stared at the blank screen long enough!

1.  Pay attention!  This sage counsel from The Write Practice is great.  {And by the way, if you are not subscribed to their blog, you should.  Their writing exercises are wonderful.}

2.  Look up quotes!  One of my favorite ways to press forward is to do a quick search on Goodreads for quotes on a specific topic, like writing.  Sandra Peoples of Next Step Editing also shares great quotes on her blog, Facebook page, and her writing Pinterest board.

3.  More books, fewer blogs!   When I’m struggling to write or just feel uninspired in any area, I have learned the best response is to unplug.  Copyblogger offers that same counsel as his #1 suggestion in 10 Pathways to Inspired Writing.

How do you overcome writer’s block?

Please share your best writing inspiration tips with us.


  1. Teri Lynne, love your tips, especially the one about reading more books. That always helps me overcome writer’s block. There’s something about holding a real book in your hand that is inspiring! For me, writer’s block is often overcome by just taking a break: go for a walk, lay down for a nap. Clearing my mind in some way from all of the hustle and bustle of life just seems to open up new channels of creativity. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Thank you, Laurie! I have found the more I read, the more I am inspired. And yes, taking a break is a great way to overcome writer’s block.

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