2 reasons to wait 24 hours before hitting publish

2 reasons to wait 24 hours before hitting publish - design by insight

Sometimes you just have to get the words down.

Inspiration hits and your fingers can’t move fast enough. And, if you’re like me, you spend enough time not writing and looking for inspiration, when the words come freely you definitely want to take advantage of it. At this moment, I have over 25 posts in draft — most of them are a few sentences or a quote or even a bulleted list. When my muse shows up, I try to shower her with attention so she’ll give me as much as possible.

Over time, many of these drafts will be expanded and work their way into my editorial calendar. Some may turn into a post for another site or a column for the newspaper where I write. There might even be an idea scratched out that turns into a series.

There are other times when I have to get the words down. I read an article and feel compelled to write a response. A situation occurs in my life and I write to process. The words pour out and a whole post is written. And my instinct is to hit publish right then.

But I usually don’t.

Why? Because sometimes you {and I} need to wait before we hit publish.  How do you know when you should wait? What posts need at least 24 hours to simmer and what posts can be served up immediately?

There are several reasons why publishing immediately may not be the best idea. But there are 2 reasons to wait 24 hours before hitting publish I think apply most often to bloggers.


When I speak of editing, I’m not only considering grammar but also factual editing. When I work on posts for Design by Insight, my goal is to offer you the very best information available. Doing so requires time for research and making sure I have a clear understanding of the factors relating to the topic I’m discussing. This isn’t to imply all our posts need to be perfect before posting; but, taking time to edit and rewrite for clarity — especially on complex or easily confusing topics — is a gift to your readers. 


It happens to all of us at least once, I think. You read an article or post and something ignites inside you.  A compelling need to write your response, whether you agree or disagree, overwhelms you. Or maybe you are dealing with a trying person or situation personally. You simply must process your feelings or beliefs about the circumstances. So you write. Not a thing wrong with that. Go ahead and write. But, the wisest course of action is not to hit publish immediately. Instead, take a day to let your emotions settle and give yourself time to process the whole situation. Then reread your post, edit or rewrite as necessary to convey your message with dignity and wisdom. Or maybe, when you read over your words, you’ll decide not to publish at all.  That’s fine too.

Words have power. We must be careful to wield them with restraint and honor. I often tell my daughter to remember what she posts on social media can be deleted from the screen but never from the minds of those who see it. We are wise to remember that same truth as bloggers also.

Have you ever posted in haste and regretted it?


  1. Thanks for the article. We see this not only online but in real life. You wish you had the time to watch your words. I can write an article then wait an hour, and re-read it and think “maybe that sounds too harsh” or “maybe these words dont get the right point across.”

    Some people you end up second guessing yourself or not giving your “true words”. I say it is a smart move to wait. Its just like when we were in school and the teacher said to re-read the test answers before turning it in to avoid giving obviously wrong answers 🙂 Thanks again for the great advice.

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