10 writing goals for 2013 and tips for achieving them

10 writing goals for 2013

ONE:  I refuse to allow writer’s block to win!

TWO:  I will build my platform wisely, one step at a time.

THREE:  I will write, even when I don’t feel like it.

FOUR:  I will study the craft of writing.

FIVE:  I will admit my need for an editor and hire one for my projects.

SIX:  I will build my email list.

SEVEN:  I will self-publish my book.

EIGHT:  I will explore print-on-demand for my book.

NINE: I will find a writing buddy and work together toward achieving writing goals.

TEN:  I will hone my author bio. 

What are your writing goals for this year?  Do you have an action plan for achieving them?

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    1. You are welcome. That post is one I have recommended time & again to people. It was so helpful to me. I’m looking forward to your series on proposal writing. 🙂

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