formatting a great blog post

Formatting A Great Blog Post -

We’re in the midst of that last sprint at the end of the self-publishing marathon around here.  We are excited about sharing what we’ve learned and helping you make the most of your self-published product.

But we’re still bloggers too.   We know that most of you are trying to manage the tricky tightrope of blogging and other writing too.  We’ve found two articles this week about formatting a great blog post.   We thought we’d share them with you:

  1. A Comprehensive Guide to Formatting Your WordPress Posts from Copyblogger.   I admit I don’t use the <h3> like I should.
  2. 9 Elements of the Perfect Post from ProBlogger.  A must-see graphic for all you visual learners!!

We’ll be spending our weekend putting the finishing touches on Self-Publish … and eagerly anticipating its release on Tuesday, September 18. Wondering what Self-Publish is and how it can help those interested in self-publishing?  Get more information at!

What big project are you working on?

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