How far ahead is your schedule generally booked?

For larger projects (full blog design, full website design, and larger ebook design packages) we are often booked up from one to three months in advance. Smaller projects can sometimes be fit in within a few weeks. We always need to know the scope of your project to give you an accurate time estimate.

My site doesn’t use the Genesis Framework. Will you still work on it?

We get asked this question a lot. The short answer is, “I’m sorry, but no.” Here’s why … There are thousands and thousands of themes available for WordPress. Some are coded well, and many are not. We made the decision to use the Genesis Framework simply because we believe it is the best. Using the Genesis Framework exclusively enables us to provide our clients with better websites because we have chosen to specialize in one framework rather than using many different themes.

What is the difference between Theme Customization and Full Design Projects?

Design by Insight uses the Genesis Framework by StudioPress as the theme for all designs. Genesis has a number of Child Themes available. These Child Themes simply customize the Genesis Framework for specific look and ease of function. With the  Theme Customization, you choose a Child Theme, and then we set it up and make the colors of the Child theme (fonts and links) match your existing logo or color palette. This is a lower cost solution for clients who may not need or have budget for a Full Design Project. We install the Genesis Framework and the Child Theme, so there is no need for you to purchase those. You can view the available StudioPress Child Themes here.

The majority of our clients choose Full Design. When you look at our portfolio, most of those designs fall into this category.

Will I have an opportunity to tell you what I want my design to look like?

Yes! Your ideas are a valuable part of the design process! Before your start date, you will fill out a detailed design brief, which will help us create just the right design for you.

How long will my site be down while you are working on it?

For existing sites, all design work will be done on a development site. Your blog will be put into maintenance mode for a few hours when we launch the new design. It is important that you be available during this time in case any questions arise. We will not take your site out of maintenance mode until you have approved it.

What is the difference between self-hosted WordPress and WordPress.com?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the difference between these two options! Please read our post on this topic here.

Do you work on the weekends?

Our family life is very important to us, and for that reason we generally do not work on the weekends. Erin does monitor our email inboxes over the weekend, and she will reply to urgent requests (such as a crashed site) as soon as possible. Other correspondence will be answered during the business week.

Do you offer Blogger to WordPress Migrations?

This is not a service that Design by Insight provides. We do offer WordPress blog and website designs for both new and existing self-hosted WordPress sites. If you currently have a Blogger site and would like us to design a new self-hosted WordPress site for you, we can refer you to a reputable person to do the migration part of the project.